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Api Challenges Info and Walkthroughs.
This is the talk I provided at SauceCon on Automating Tactically and Strategically with extra bits.
This is a micro course based on a set of testing and debriefs to act as a case study with thoughtful analysis of how and why I tested the application the way I did.
An example based course showing technical testing, web developer tools and JavaScript automating from the console.
Explore your own definitions and approaches to Testability, Automatability and more.
Case Study of testing a Java Desktop Application via decompilation and other techniques.
Recordings and bonus material for conference talks.
Overview of Technical Web Testing, includes a Course and Webinars.
Technical Web Testing Workshop using The Pulper, includes a 100+ page ebook of exercises.
An alternative view of boundary value analysis from a traditional test technique to a heuristic.
A tutorial guide to Selenium 3 API, some parts will be out of date for Selenium 4 but sections on Page Objects and other abstraction layers should be fine.
How to use blogging to build your brand and get your message out.
How to use YouTube to build your brand and get your message out.
How to use conferences to build your brand and get your message out.


Get started with blogging and speaking at conferences. (57 pages)
Learn JavaScript by hacking around other apps and automating in the browser. (67 pages)
Notes and handouts to support the microcourse.
Software Testing Books Reading List Lead Magnet.
How I Test Web Apps: Transcripts and Notes (144 pages)
The Pulper Workbook: Theory and Exercises (113 pages)
The 7CharVal Workbook: Theory and Exercises (205 pages)
NLP For Testers - Expanded Edition (95 pages) (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)